Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) Oral Solution
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) Oral Solution contains a high amount of vitamin D. High vitamin D dosages should be taken once a week for a few weeks, as directed by your doctor. This solution should be taken as per the dosage. This is used for providing the body with vitamin D.
Antacid and Laxative
Antacid and Laxative can be used to address symptoms of high stomach acid. They are unlikely to result in long-term weight reduction. These medications act by lowering or inhibiting stomach acid output.
Pharmaceutical Tablets and Capsules
In Pharmaceutical Tablets and Capsules, tablets are powdered or granulated drug substances whereas capsules are two-piece shells that can house either a powder or a liquid drug formulation. The drug may be released from them either immediately or over the course of several hours.
Pharmaceutical Injections
Pharmaceutical Injections can be formulated as solutions, suspensions, or emulsions, and can contain a variety of excipients to stabilize the drug, adjust the pH, or enhance the drug's solubility. An injection's formulation can be modified to meet the unique requirements of the drug and the patient.
Pharmaceutical Gel
Pharmaceutical gel is a type of semi-solid dosage form that is commonly used for topical application. It is a mixture of a liquid and a solid phase, where the solid phase is dispersed in the liquid phase to form a gel. It is used for topical drug delivery, wound healing, and cosmetic applications.

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